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Backing up your computer is one of the single most important things you can do when it comes to maintenance.  You never realize how important it is until one day your hard drive won’t boot up and you have 4 years of pictures, documents, videos, accounting and God knows what else all inside a hard drive that for all intents and purposes is now a paper weight.

If you had backed up your hard drive this situation would be an inconvenience not the disaster it has turned out to be.

So now that I ‘ve got your attention, here is what you need to do :

Go to maintenance in your startup tab and click it.  Now click “backup and restore” then on the left you want to click “create a system image”.  The computer will then ask where you want to save the “image”.  You will want to save it to either  DVDs or an external hard drive.  I usually pick the external hard drive that way after the image is created I can schedule  the computer to backup  or overwrite the image every couple days so I always have a fresh version of the computer.. Well that’s it once you have picked where you want the image to backup  just hit “next” and then “start backup”.  It is that easy

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