Cool Free Software

Photoscape is an all around excellent photo editor that will do anything that is necessary to make your photos perfect.

Portable apps fits onto a 512Mb USB key and all applications within are portable, in other words you don’t need to install them, just plug the USB key in. Includes about 150 applications, games, editors, etc…very cool.

Make internet calls for free. You “call” someones computer that also has Skype and you can talk with or without video for free anywhere in the world. You can call phones from your computer for a minimal charge as well if you wish.

Google Earth lets you fly anywhere on Earth to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings, from galaxies in outer space to canyons in the ocean. Simply the best internet map software anywhere.

GIMP is a very powerful photo editor. Don’t get it confused with cheap editors. Gimp can pretty much accomplish any task the expensive photo editors can but it is FREE

Ever watch a movie and all you get is squiggly lines with sound or the video player says it can’t play this movie/video for some lame reason…NO MORE. Download this Codec pack and all will be good with the universe. BONUS you get their Classic Player as well…this thing plays anything.

Ever permanently delete something in your Recycle Bin and then realize that you needed it again. Not to worry if you have NTFS Undelete on your computer run it and restore your “deleted” file.

Well no cool Logo but this software allows you to easily turn any directory into a printable list…great for song or video lists.

Post-it SoftwareJust like the little post its all over your desk but now they can be all over your desktop. You can add Hyperlinks, add alarms, etc…very cool and handy too.

Connect to any computer remotely. Easy and Free for non-Commercial use.

Bump any iphone or Android phone together with this Software and the phones will automatically transfer stuff back and forth to your phones.

iCloud is a virtual desktop that you can open with any computer with internet access, you can transfer files to and from your home computer.

Shazam is an app you can put on almost any smart phone and when activated can listen to almost any song and tell you the artist and the song name.

A free web page making program that is so easy to use it’s crazy…the pro version is only about 9 bucks and has no ads…FYI it is what I made this web site with.

Tired of paying big bucks for antivirus? Microsoft Security Essentials is FREE for life and works as good as any purchased Antivirus.

Thousands of Radio Stations stream right to your computer. Any genre you can think of just use the shoutcast area and you’re good to go and it’s free.

CCleaner will clean out all those files that slow your computer down to an irritating crawl. When you click this link the download is the green “latest version” thing way to the right.

Recover data from damaged CDs, DVDs and Blueray discs.

Download this Codec Pack and you will be able to play any audio or video without the dreaded “Codec not available” popup or when you go to play a movie and all you get is sound…not any more.

Open Office is a free office suite that includes thier version of Word, Excel and Powerpoint. The great thing about this software is that you can open Microsoft Office files and you can save files in Open Office so other people who use Microsoft Office can open your files.

Print Service Manager will start and stop your print service with just one click but more importantly it can clear you print queue with one click as well.

Anyone tired of spending 3.00 for a one minute long distance phone call on your iphone or Blackberry? Try this new app, just D-Load it and sign up. My last Yak bill was 1.20. I believe it is only a few cents a minute long distance on your iphone or Blackberry…This can save you a fortune if you call long distance on your cell.

Photcopier for your computer. This cool app lets you use your scanner and printer as a photocopier. It scans and then immediately prints. You can change the size, color and amount of copies just like the big photocopiers. The interface is even the same look as the big photocopiers. I use it and I love it.

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